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Weed Burner with 2 Mt hose suits POL LP Gas Cylinders.
WBK03 Weed Burner Trigger handpiece|WBK03 Weed Burner Kit complete with 2Mt hose with POL fitting to standard 9Kg POL LPGas cylinder. Enlarge
  • WBK03 Weed Burner Trigger handpiece|Lever action trigger hand piece on the WBK03 and WBK04 models
  • Weed Burner Flame|Imge shows the weed burner in pilot mode and full burst mode. this is why we don't need a long wand.
  • Weed Burner Flame|The long flame easily reaches the ground making the work easy on you.

Weed Burner with 2 Mt hose suits POL LP Gas Cylinders.


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Product Code: WBK03

Weed burner with economy valve with lever action. Fully assembled and supplied with a 2 metre hose suits POL 9kg gas cylinders with hand tighten connection (no tools required). No regulator required. Eco Friendly weed control. Flint lighter included.

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Product Description

Weed burner for the effective control of weeds through heat. Ideal for Farm and garden use. Treat weeds with heat to change the molecular structure and cause the weed to die, like any form of weed control the weeds need to be treated as new ones appear. Eco Friendly weed control, 2 Mt hose connects to POL Gas cylinder. Hose extensions also available.

Watch the WBK03 Weed Burner in action as we road test the product.

Why our weed burner wand is short, watch the demo, you can try this at home.

It’s easy to connect your weed burner to a gas cylinder here's how.

Whats in the Box? Watch an Unboxing of the WBK03.

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