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Gas Bayonet Fittings

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 Gas bayonet fittings are used widely across Australia in homes, caravans and campers and are suitable for LP or Natural gas at low pressure. Bayonet connections allow for quick disconnecting of low pressure appliances as the bayonet socket has its own shut off valve that cuts off the supply of gas when you disconnect allowing you to change appliances easily.

The socket does have an O Ring seal and care must be taken to ensure the O Ring has not perished or cracked may result in leaks. Also regular inspections should check for dust or dirt build up the socket is a great place for spiders and other insects to nest these critters can cause problems too. A good idea is when not in use  you fit a dust cap see BAS1DC a great way to keep unwanted stuff from getting in to the socket.

All of the standard bayonet socket brands are rated to 7 Kpa Maximum and with Low pressure LP Gas delivered at 2.75 to 2.8 Kpa and Natural Gas at 1.1 Kpa bayonet sockets are a safe and convienient way to alternate between appliances or enable easy disconnection of appliances that need to be moved for cleaning etc.

The James Shields and Co range of Bayonet Sockets are all AGA approved for LP or Natural Gas aplications.