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Installation Fittings for LP Gas Regulators

LP Gas regulators require inlet fittings and hose or pipes/tubes for correct installation. Traditionally copper inlet pipes were called Pigtails and still are today however they come in a much wider range styles and lengths than before.

Copper Pigtails

Copper pigtails are made from annealed 1/4" copper tube and were coiled like a pigs tail hence the name, the old saying "copper is for Keeps" still hold true so if you have a static installation where the cylinders are filled by a truck then the copper pigtails are the ones James Shields and Co recommend. Pigtails have a Male POL fitting one end to go into the gas cylinder and a very fine 7/16 Admiralty thread Inverted flare nut on the other. This inverted flare fitting is designed to connect to the regulator via single inlet, tee or alternating valve. They come in different lengths Part Nos PT1 450 mm for 45Kg installations and part Nos PT3 750mm for larger cylinders such as 190 and 210 Fat boys.

Flexible and Rubber Pigtails

James Shields and Co also supply heavy duty Rubber Pigtails Part Nos PTF600 600mm long, we developed these back in the nineties for the railways for use on their buffet cars, the copper pigtails were deteriorating due to the constant vibration of the "Clickety Clack" of the train on the track and are still used today.

Stainless Steel Braided pigtails are now very popular with caravans and campers or where there is very regular cylinder swapping, because they are very flexible, they are much easier to connect and also handle the on-road vibration much better than copper pigtails. The stainless steel braided pigtails sold by James Shields and Co are available in various lengths and some have handwheels for hand tightening at the gas cylinder end.

Pigtails must be inspected regularly

Note: Braided Stainless Steel and Rubber Pigtails have a limited life like any type of hose. The flexible pigtails should be inspected regularly for damage or signs of ageing and replaced as soon as an issue is identified. Flexible Pigtails must be installed correctly to the manufacturer’s specifications and by a qualified person such as gasfitter familiar with the products.