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Weed Burners for Effective Weed Control

Flame weeding or weed burning is an efficient and environmentally friendly method of weed control when used in a regular weed control program.

Effective, environmentally friendly weed control is the way of the future, protecting our waterways, dams and drinking water from chemical run off must be paramount for protecting life on our planet and it can all start at home. At James Shields, we stock a wide range of weed burners for safe and chemical free weeding – browse our range online today.

How Does Weed Flaming Work?

Weed flaming is the act of passing a flame over a weed briefly, heating the plant tissues enough to kill them. The aim is to heat the weed sap until it expands and ruptures the cell walls of the plant, destroying the plant tissue so the weed dies, not to scorch or burn the weed. Once the heat destroys the cells in any section of the weed’s stem, water and nutrients cannot reach the leaves and the weed dies.

FAQ: Why is your weed burner wand

shorter than other types I see on the web? 

Watch the video we explain why. You can try this at home.

The Advantages of Weed Burners:

A highly effective weed control solution, weed burners have many advantages including:

  • They are affordable
  • They are lightweight
  • They allow precise flame control
  • They don’t use any chemicals, so they are safe for the environment
  • They can be used in any weather conditions, including on windy and wet days
  • They have multiple uses - designed to produce high heat intensity flames and featuring adjustable flame control, weed burners also have many other uses around the home. Not only great for burning off weeds or leaves, they can start BBQs or camp fires, control insects and melt ice.

If you need advice on which weed burner is best for you, contact our friendly customer service team today.

Are Weed Burners Safe?

Absolutely, it is safe for both the operator and the environment. Flame weeding and the use of weed burners is completely safe when you use the equipment properly. In fact, it is a safer alternative to traditional weed killers as it doesn’t involve harsh chemicals that can burn skin, contaminate groundwater and leave toxic residue on the plants and vegetables in your garden. You’ll need to take a few safety precautions however - don’t weed during dry spells, and keep the flame away from dead material that might ignite.

Connecting your Weed Burner to the gas cylinder.

Shou-Sugi-Ban, also known as Yakisugi whats that about?

Shou-Sugi-Ban, also known as Yakisugi is a Traditional Japanese method of charring timber with fire. The process forms a carbon layer on the exterior of the boards which protects the timber and reduces the maintenance. The WBK03 and WBK04 are ideal for creating this age old finish to timber.

Choose James Shields for Australia’s Best Weed Burners

As an Australian owned and operated independent wholesale/retail gas equipment specialist, we are dedicated to providing the latest gas products including barbeques, camping equipment and LPG cylinders to all Australians. Continually striving to be at the forefront of the industry, we are committed to providing environmentally friendly solutions for both commercial and domestic applications which is why we stock a large range of gas weed burners as well as replacement and extension hoses - we have everything you need for safe and effective weed control needs covered.